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Our process

It’s not difficult to create compelling, persuasive media. Our process targets the how and the why of media production, while using solid data and authentic narratives as the standard for content. Using this process, we train public interest advocates to create powerful media to convey public interest messages. In addition, our workshops are designed to produce capacity in the home organization so the cycle can repeat.

While we have deep and broad expertise in all three phases of the process (see below), our focus is on the middle phase, hands-on production workshops. PIMAglobal’s mission is to train public interest advocates in the tools and techniques of 21st century public media. It’s a DIY process: With these tools you control the message and frame the issue…and infuse it into the public square.



1. Articulate the Goal 1. Develop the Story 1. Distribute/Publish the Media
2. Articulate the Message 2. Capture the Media 2. Evaluate the Success
3. Articulate the Strategy 3. Create the Piece 3. Iterate the Process